During your busy days, your schedule may be tight and you won’t be able to plan your outfits for different occasions for the day. So why don’t wear clothes that can be used in two different situations. Don’t let your hectic activities prevent you to look good on that day.

Get yourself a piece of clothing that you can wear for business and pleasure. With the right combination, you just need to add or swap few things to look gorgeous during the day and night. Check out these essential pieces that you can find on localbrand.co.id, for the perfect day to night outfits. 

1.     Little Black Dress

Ah ye ol' classic LBD, you can never go wrong with it since it is such a versatile piece. During the day, add a cape or a blazer for more professional look. Then, after you're done with all your routines, just take the outerwear off and you're all ready to hit town during the night. And choosing a LBD with an added detail is a plus, for example this black dress by Silvy that has a touch of sheer on the shoulders.

1.     Multifunction Handbag

A multifunction handbag means a bag that is useful enough to fit all your belongings during the day, then during the night, it can be transformed into a chic clutch. Like this Roll Bag by Alunys. With the strap on, it is a regular handbag which can be used every day. Then, during the night, just remove the strap and it becomes a clutch that fits your night outfit look. 

1.     Culottes

No matter what the length is, you can always count on a pair of culottes to look chic. You can pair it with a sleeveless blouse, then add any outerwear such as capes, blazers, or cardigans to create your work outfit. Next, for the night look, just take off the outerwear or you can add a vest to complete your night look. 

1.     Loafers

Loafers is one of that shoes that will fit any look. It goes with almost any clothes, especially if the colours are neutral. With its classic, sturdy yet casual look, use it to complete your go to daily and night outfit. 

1.     Pencil Skirt

Another classic, the pencil skirt can create such a feminine look. Put on a blouse or a blazer and this combination gives you the classic secretary look for your work outfit. And for some after hours fun, you can put on a plain simple tank top or a statement shirt to maximize your night outfit. 

1.     Peplum Top

You can wear your peplum top with basically any kind of bottoms, you name it. You can wear a sleek cigarette pants or culottes  for smart casual looks during the day. And don’t forget to add outerwears like jackets or cardigans to layer if necessary. Meanwhile, during the night, combine your peplum with a chic skirt to create the perfect nigh out outfit.