In this edition, we had an opportunity to talk directly with the man behind Cahaya Dari Timur and Filosofi Kopi, Angga Sasongko. Also, In this interview he will talk about the struggle behind the production of his movie and we will take closer to his personal life.

What motivate you to make Cahaya Dari Timur?

I want to adapt the social issue in Maluku, the conflict, social problems, everything. Because I want to use movie a mass media that to show audience what really happening there. 

Which movie is takes more effort to make? Filosofi Kopi or Cahaya Dari Timur?

Every movie that I made have every different struggle, but during the production of Cahaya Beta Maluku we have more challenges, start from own budgeting we have to work very hard and also the dialogue in this movie using Maluku language and there were 90 people who was first timer actors, meanwhille cast of filosofi kopi are all professionals. 

So, why you didn’t start with Filosofi Kopi first?

I believe that if I start it from big, it will be easier in the further. And the higher the challenge the more i learn something and my skill will be more advance.

So, why you didn’t start with Filosofi Kopi first? 

I believe that if I start it from big, it will be easier in the further. And the higher the challenge the more i learn something and my skill will be more advance. 

Can you tell us the short process of filming ‘Filosofi Kopi’? 

Since it’s adapted from one of Dewi lestari’s critically acclaimed short story, it’s our responsible to create this as good as possible. The team and me developed the story and create it to more modern story, if we are not improved with it this movie duration will be only 5 minutes! 

What makes you set up the actual café for this movie? 

Actually, it’s not only for the sake of marketing, But I want to make filosofi kopi as memorable and timeless movie, even until now Rio dewanto sometimes still made the coffee for consumers. Through this maybe it is possible to make a sequel, will see! 

How you arrange every character fashion style in your movie?

My wife helped me during stylish process, but actually I arrange their outfit based on the actor’s character, like I set ripped jeans and sweater for Chicco Jerikho, so fashion in movie is like an identity that stick into every character. 

What is your idealism in your movie? 

Even tough the movie that I made is commercial, but I always put moral value inside it. And also I always very careful with product placement in every movie so it would not that obvious.

Can you tell us about your beginnings to work in movie industries?

I direct a movie since high school, in the beginning i start a production house with my partner and back then we only do music video clip. But now we focus on producing movie.

Tell me your story with your wife! 

Our relationship went very serious, we never broke up through many years, she's my first and the last woman who ever been in relationship seriously. My wife also takes a part in every project at first she's the stylist but now i trust her to be a marketing and production. 

Who is your favorite director? 

I love Christopher Nolan, interstellar was genius!

What movie that relate to your relationship? 

Nick and Norah!

What do you think about fashion?

Actually I am not that stylish but my wife really helped me in fashion style, in my opinion fashion is not always relied on the latest trend because fashion isn’t only something to wear but it is character and mood on every individual.