Hi Wendo! Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what you do?

My surname is Henry Arswendo Kusumawardana, but I'm known as Wendo Kusuma. I'm the co-founder of the Brillington&Brothers. Brillington actually it's a group of four, we are a team consists of Ronald Makasutji for Quality Control and Workshop, Audrey Jessica for Traffic and Finance, and last but not least our beloved Master Tailor Mr. Amad.


My main role to this team is mainly for Brand and Marketing. I'm responsible for making an articles about our products, knowledge-know how, etc for our main website, directing each photo sessions for the blog, managing our Facebook page and also the forum (darahkubiru.com)

But in the Weekends, I very much has the same responsibility like the others, conducts a fitting session/consulting with our clients at our Brand Partner Store's, Mario Minardi - Kota Kasablanka.

For some other spare time, I still working on my old job as an Freelance Illustrator.

What are you currently working on?

I can't say about the details, but currently we're expanding our services and products. Categorizing our each specification of products based on our consumer needs. The main point is, we want to be known not just as a suit tailor, but something more.

Just wait for our updates in future, it'll be interesting

Define Sprezzatura …


If I may quipped from Bruce Boyer;

"Style comes from subtlety and from deepening the ordinary in life"

I'm a conservative kinda guy, my way of dressing it’s all about how you present yourself to others in everyday life.

Is about dress to be respect not to impress.

It’s easy for those who are involved with fashion or just understand about fashion to get carried away. Ideals can be taken to the extreme and have no real meaning any more.

True sprezzatura is about knowing classic style rules and then breaking a few cleverly selected ones by which suits your own style in your daily life.

What inspired you to become a designer?

I don't prefer to be called as a Designer, because I don't have any fashion backgrounds , But why I'm in this business? I like to wear suit in the first place, but the main thing that drives us (me and my partners) to make Brillington&Brothers?

We see that many of men in Indonesia, doesn't have any clue how to dress well and professionally, I'm not telling we're the leading one's about this matter.

Simply, we may have the knowledge that could help, and we just want to share our thoughts.

What is your favorite piece of the collection?

Hmm… unfortunately we don't have any collection yet, we're more focusing in personal-full custom made-style for each of our customers.

How would you describe your design aesthetic? 

Our design is focused in classic-timeless design but with a modern twist

Tell us something that we probably don’t know about how to find a suitable suit…

Simple, never caged yourself with the latest fashion trademarks and transforming the way you dress, by looking it as a costume.

Know your weakness (body figures), deal with it and embrace it. Because a suitable suit for yourself is about the right fittings and be comfortable about it.

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3 things that you should know about the user while designing his suit…

Fit, Fabric/Color, Style (in order)

What do you think about woman wearing a suit? Would you like to make it?

Sexy! especially if they wore it with their office attires. Ckkckckckckc. Unfortunately Nope, I won’t make it.

Your favorite fashion magazine…

Hm.. I'm not the conservative reader (reading physical books, magazines etc). But my partner Ronald tends to buy many of Japanese Magazines, such as Mens club, Men's Ex, Free n Easy and 2nd. I quite enjoy "seeing" it (I don't understand Japanese)


Tell us about suit classification..

Suit classification isn't from how many buttons it had. The theory says the number of button on one’s suit depends on his height. The taller a man is, the more buttons he might need. A man with an average heights (+/-170 cm) will be better seen with 2 buttons, a man less than 170 cm will be better seen with 1 button and if he’s above 180 cm, the 3 buttons will suit him.

The number of buttons gives impression on the V-zone of a man’s posture. V-zone is the area where a chest part seen. It does the trick of making an ideal look. The more buttoned suit makes a less seen V-zone. So, logically if you’re very tall, choose the 3 buttons suit because it will be focusing on showing your torso. It makes you height seems ideal. On the other hand, if you’re short, 1 button one will suits you because it shows more of V-zone that will make you looks as if you’re taller.

Suit classification based on of its culture roots; there are 3 main roots of suit:

The American suit, the sack suit, enough said. The British suit, more conservative way of dress, more padding at shoulder and extreme at waistline. The Italian suit, the "laid back" way of dress, but more complex about the craftsmanship. 

Who are some of your favorite man in suit?

Lapo Elkann and Alberto Scaccioni

If you could suit up one of cartoon character, who and how would it be?


If you weren't making a suit, what do you think you would be doing?

I’d be a painter I guess


What’s the best hair do to match while wearing a suit?

Make it a simple cut (short or long), not too much layering/detailing or some sort.

Gregory Peck and Lapo Elkann (his everyday life) have a perfect style.

What music and movie which inspire you the most?

Intouchable and Okirobito - movie

music? - nothing specific

Where did you grow up and what’s your favorite thing about that place?


Maybe when I was 4-5 years old, back then we lived in a guest house of a oil work station in a rural area called Pendopo, it's around Palembang, because my father worked in the Oil Company. I liked there because sometimes he takes to the warehouse facility in the area, so we can play around with the vehicles, contraptions and many industrial things.

When the last time you sent out a tweet and what was it?

I don't often tweeting, but the last time i tweeted, it was personal tweet for my girlfriend, its kinda embarrassing hahaha

How could we find you?

Instagram : mr__wk / be_brilington

Web : www.brillingtonbrothers.com

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Interview by Dwimayu Budinastiti and Aisya Putri