Comfort is one of the most imporant thing that people seek in a piece of clothing. Eventhough the word comfortable itself is actually very broad, but in terms of how you dress, comfortable means a sense of physical ease and relaxation. That when you are wearing it, you feel good about yourself.

If you're talking about comfort, then this new brand, KLUW, might just be the right one for you. With such simple designs they are able to give the comfort in a piece of clothing that everyone seeks and yearn for, yet still look undeniably chic. 

KLUW is a new-age fashion brand that brings Indonesian current trend to a whole new level. Since the brand established in 2016, simplicity in the design has been a trademark. With plain neutral colours, patterns that are limited to stripes, and designs that are very conventional. This is because KLUW rubs on the smart and casual look for daily attire to complete your fashion wardrobe.

Nevertheless, the simplicity of their designs results the utmost comfort that people seek in a piece of clothing. With the loose, light, and soft material of their products,  show the qualities that make KLUW’s products comfortable.

KLUW is all about getting their customers to feel great whenever they are wearing KLUW's designs. With the light and the soft fabrics applied on each products, the comfort that it creates make the customers more comfortable being in their own skin.

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Written by Christian Karnanda Yang

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