In this Jakarta hidden treasure, Ålska, we talked with this multitalented lady who’ve popular among Indonesian blog readers. Through tumblr and blog she published her artwork and instantly received many positive feedback. In this edition of the it, Dylan share us about her personal life and how photography change her. 

What is your favorite object for photography?

People. I always loved having human beings as my photography object. I find it interesting to be able to tell their story in every picture I take. 

Do you have any favorites among your own artworks? 

To be honest, I don’t have any favorites. It doesn't mean that I hate them, but I'm just not satisfied enough with my works as of yet. The thing I also love about photography that there isn’t an age limit. I'm 31 now, and I'm still seeking what I love to shoot the most. I won't stop until I find what it is

Perks of being a photographer? 

The idea of capturing moments, it's kind of magical isn't it? 

I also love editing. I can truly express myself doing it. 


Who's the coolest person you’ve ever worked with? 

In 2011, Ryan McGinley, a photographer who's work I’ve always adored. His studio suddenly contacted me and my agent at the time through an email, asking me to be part of his Yearbook photo collection.

He was incredibly humble. We talked non stop during the photoshoot, I was naked hahaha but I was strangely comfortable, I can see thru his eyes that he absolutely love what he's doing. 

You worked with him as a model, didn’t you? Have you been working as a professional model? 

No actually, I’m not a professional model. My friends are mostly photographers or creatives in the same industry as mine, so I occasionally help them out and it's a learning point for me as well. 

When do you think is the best fashion era?

80's for sure. I have an obsession with blazers.

So, blazer is your most favorite fashion item?

Yes. I collect blazers just like girls other girls collect shoes. 

Did you remember the first time you took a picture?

If I'm not mistaken, the first time I got my own camera I wandered around and took photos of street cats and neighborhood kids, I was at semarang at the time. 

We went to a local cemetery and I couldn't stop taking photos of the people there, that's when I knew photography is something that intrigues me. 

The camera just felt right in my hands. But my first work as a professional photographer was when I started to join Nylon Magazines in NYC as photographer contributor.

How big does social media take a part in your life?

It was big influence to me back in the days since I upload all of my works to Deviantart, Myspace, and my blog.

Perks of being Dylan Sada?

What? Hahaha, connections maybe. It's all about networking. Coming back home to Jakarta, I've met random people on the streets, incredibly sweet people and they tell me how much they like my work, 

I was floored, I never knew it had affected people in that way, it truly lifts my confidence and drives me to work harder and better

What are the goals you really want to achieve and why?

I want to be the scariest ghost / monster on the big screen. Aside from blazers, I also have an obsession for horror movies and to create the most realistic edible fake blood.

Every Halloween, I always do my own make-up and always create my own fake blood, I'm always learning, it seems that every year it gets better.

As we know, you used to live overseas for some period of time. What do you think are the advantages living abroad?

Yes, I've lived in Singapore, Malaysia, NYC, and San Francisco. When I lived there, I feel like I could completely be myself, like, no one judges you.

You have the complete freedom to dress, to love, to express your opinions., where some Indonesians probably find difficult to understand. 

I mean, yes I can dress however I like in Indonesia, but I respect the culture so I don't.

So, from all cities you've experienced living, which one do you think is the best one?

Every city had given me different journey, different story and experience that taught me. It's hard to choose between those cities.

But NYC will always be home to me. I miss my friends, the people. I always get offended when people say new yorkers are rude,

I've lived there for over a decade and there is where I have met the most interesting, most loving, free spirited and inspiring people in my life.

What is the funniest prank you've ever pulled of?

My obsession with horror led me to work at a haunted house called Scare co. Once, during Halloween, When i was working there one of my best friend was visiting Sf, I scared him so good that he was crawling on the floor. My husband and his co workers came too, I think I scared them as well, hahaa

Everyone is supportive of what I do, I love them to death because of that.

What is the best horror movie you’ve ever seen?

Rosemary baby, Alien trilogy, Everything by Kubrick, and of course, the legendary horror queen, Susana.

What kind of music did you listen to?

Bjork, Cocteau twins, Silver Apples, FKA twigs, spooky black. I listen to pretty much anything as long as it's good.

Have you been to Ålska before? 

Actually this is the first time I went here, I heard about this place before, Thats why i'm so exited to do photo shoot here.

What do you think about this place?

A lot of cute stuff not only accesories but i'm surprised i found home ware and organic beauty products, great atmosphere here.  

Nicoline pick these stuff her ownself during traveling. Its certainly Jakarta hidden treasure.




Editor Dwimayu Budinastiti
Photo by Krishna Pradana
Interviewed by Ivandra Wafiathaya