6 October - 5 November 2017




On the end of September until the October months Kuningan City will be giving a totally different sensation in shopping to a whole other level. Kulinari & Kouture is the theme of Kuningan City to celebrate the culinary and cultural diversity in terms of hobby, art and of course fashion that are available at Kuningan City. Kulinary & Kouture is collaborating with Wonderful Indonesia Culinary and Shopping Festival 2017 program which was supported by the government to improve the tours and shopping development, especially in the culinary world of Indonesia. Kuningan as an urban lifestyle mall in South Jakarta always gives interesting programs and events to their beloved customers. In this Kulinary & Kouture program, Kuningan City presents Kulinary Icon that is certainly different that any other shopping centers out there to accompany their loyal customers with a totally different atmosphere. Kuningan City also presents IGOR & FRIENDS as the Kulinary Icon for Kulinary & Kouture 2017.


This time Kuningan City is back with a collaboration with an art community that won’t be doubted as the best, that is Catalyst Art, a community and a platform for creative artists, illustrators and local brands to channel their hard works. Acting as a curator, Catalyst Art chose one of the best illustrators based in Bali, named Alam Taslim with his iconic character named IGOR, who’s vibrant, artsy dan always thinking out the best, which suits the ambience of Kuningan City greatly.


IGOR was describe as a mutant culinary character that is so hipster and surely full of artistic style that is loved by the milennials, with a body structure covered by noodles, eyes made from eggs and an Indonesian typical chicken noodle’s bowl as a hat, IGOR becomes the Kulinary Icon Kuningan City that suits the Indonesian identity and also a perfect mix for the local culinary identity, oriental taste and fun experience in welcoming the Halloween west tradition. Besides IGOR as the Kulinary Icon of Kuningan City, IGOR is also accompanied by his great friends, which are CHUCHU french fries character who’s flexible, ONISUKA onigiri character who’s always brave on developing new ideas, RHARHA croissant character who always spread smiles everywhere, KEBFLY kebab character who has a bold personality, WIP pineapple and seafood fried rice who’s such a moody and SHUSTER who’s a variety of sushi characters that are modern and urban just like the Kuningan City’s events.


Not only presenting IGOR & FRIENDS, in this Kulinary & Kouture program Kuningan City also gives various interesting and fun programs and events on the period of 6 October – 5 November 2017.




Other than the interior themed around foods and art illustrator’s urban people, the customers of Kuningan City could also enjoys many various interesting promo from the Food & Beverage tenants available. One of them is the special breakfast promo with an offer starting from 50 thousands rupiah and Lunch Treats with a lot of other interesting offers. For all of Kuningan City K Passport’s customers, don’t miss out on the special programs offered by Kuningan City, which are:



Stamp Rewards is a collecting stamp program for every transaction expense of Rp. 50.000,- for Food & Beverage. Customers who have K Passport Kuningan City could collect these stamps to be redeemed with XXI movie theater’s vouchers and vouchers from Projextore tenant.


KULINARY PASSPORT TOP SPENDER (Sept 29th  - Oct 31th 2017)

Top Spender is a program with a gift of Luxury Branded Shoes For Men, Luxury Branded Bag For Women, K-gift Voucher of Rp. 5.000.000 (total transaction minimal Rp. 10.000.000) to collect the highest transaction by shopping in Kuningan City with the minimal transaction of Rp. 200.000, for K Passport user.



Enjoy special menus with an offered price of only Rp. 25.000,- for Food & Beverage tenant in Kuningan City on October 25th 2017 for every K Passport’s member.



Enjoy PAYDAY promo with 50% cashback with the minimal purchase of Rp. 200.000,- for the period of 25th – 30th October 2017 and get other various interesting gifts from Kuningan City for K Passport user.


K Passport “POIN FIESTA” (Oct - Nov 2017)

K Passport POIN Fiesta is a points redeeming for the member of K Passport by redeeming 1 points worth Rp. 50.000,- applies multiply. All of the member of K Passport could redeemed their points for interesting gifts from Kuningan City which are, Free Parking, 100 K gift Voucher, Happup KTV Voucher and K All F&B Voucher.




Besides the Festival Food & Beverages celebration, Kuningan City also presents other various events and interesting entertainments that surely supports the urban Jakarta people’s lifestyle, which are:



Welcoming the Batik Nasional day, in the month of October Kuningan City and Mercedes Benz Indonesia community presents the BATIK DAY WITH MERCEDES BENZ event. This event that will be held for 3 days time, presents exhibition and showcase of Mercedes Benz cars with batik style and talkshow with various respected public figures. In this Batik day event, Kuningan City and Mercedes Benz community also presents a gathering and charity for the Corporate Social Responsibility program.



Welcoming the Indonesian Mental Health day, Kuningan City working with SehatMental.id presents talk shows around mental health for their loyal customers. For this Mental Health Festival that will be held on October 14th 2017, this event chose urban social media as their theme working with communities and social media platforms to elevate education around mental health. Kuningan City’s customers could also check and consult about mental health here. Enlivened by various Indonesian celebrities and singers, Kuningan City’s customers could also donate for a lot of mental health patients out there in Indonesia through the Corporate Social Responsibility program.


LOCAL STARTUP FEST (Oct 18th – 19th 2017)

LocalStartupFest is a festival where any startup fans could find new insights from various startup experts and find new technologies from the experts. Unexpected findings could happen when various topics and people gathers. Presentings various speakers and startup experts in Indonesia, the LocalStartupFest event will be held for 2 days on October 18th – 19th 2017.


JAKARTA MARATHON (Oct 26th – 28th 2017)

Kuningan City and Jakarta Marathon collaborated together in this running event which is argued to be the biggest running event in Jakarta. Kuningan City’s customers could take the race pack and participate in this running event here. The race pack pick up will be held at Kuningan city on October 26th – 28th 2017.


YOUNG ON TOP, Nov 4th 2017

Young On Top is a gathering event that is presented by Young On Top community. This event will be consist of sharing value, education and experiences from speakers or members with a fun and inspiring theme for young urban people of Jakarta.


About Kuningan City Mall

A mall with an urban lifestyle playground concept that upheld their vision to become a platform for many communities, fashion lovers, art and culinary lovers. Follow Kuningan City’s Instagram on @kuningan_city for other information around fashion, food and lifestyle. Kuningan City Your Urban Playground.


For further information, please contact:

Ryan Idriansyah (PR Supervisor) HP : 0812-8978-9992E: ray@kuningancity.com

Naya Adhani (PR Social Media) HP : 0812-8964-5966 E: socialmedia@kuningancity.com



6 Oktober - 5 November 2017




Di akhir bulan September dan Oktober Kuningan City memberikan pengalaman berbelanja dengan suasana yang berbeda. Kulinary & Kouture merupakan tema Kuningan City untuk merayakan keberagaman aneka kuliner dan budaya dari segi hobby, seni dan tentunya fashion yang ada di Kuningan City. Kulinary & Kouture berkoloborasi dengan program Wonderful Indonesia Culinary and Shopping Festival 2017 yang dicanangkan pemerintah untuk meningkatkan minat wisata dan belanja terutama dunia kuliner di Indonesia. Kuningan City sebagai urban lifestyle mall di selatan Jakarta selalu memberikan program dan event menarik untuk para pelanggan setia. Pada program Kulinary & Kouture kali ini, Kuningan City menghadirkan Kulinary Icon yang pastinya berbeda dengan pusat belanja lainnya untuk menemani para pelanggan setia serta atmosfir suasana Kuningan Ci ty yang berbeda. Kuningan City juga mempersembahkan Kulinary Icon untuk Kulinary & Kouture 2017 yaitu IGOR & FRIENDS.


Untuk kali ini Kuningan City kembali berkolaborasi dengan komunitas seni yang sudah tidak diragukan lagi, yakni Catalyst Art, sebuah komunitas dan wadah para seniman, ilustrator dan merek lokal yang kreatif untuk menyalurkan karya-karya mereka. Bertindak sekaligus kurator, Catalyst Art memilih salah satu seniman ilustrator muda asal Bali, bernama Alam Taslim dengan ikonik karakternya yang bernama IGOR, yang vibrant, artsy dan selalu memiliki ide out of the box, cocok menggambarkan ambience Kuningan City.



IGOR digambarkan dengan karakter mutant kuliner yang  sangat hipster dan tentunya sarat akan gaya artistik yang digandrungi oleh para Milennials, dengan struktur tubuh dibalut mie, bermata telur serta berhiaskan topi mangkok mie ayam ikonik khas Indonesia yaitu mangkok Ayam Jago, IGOR menjadi Kulinary Icon Kuningan City yang merupakan oriental dan pengalaman  seru menyambut Halloween di dunia barat. Disamping IGOR sebagai Kulinary Icon Kuningan City, IGOR juga ditemani beberapa teman - teman baiknya yaitu CHUCHU karakter french fries yang Fleksibel, ONISUKA karakter onigiri yang yang berani dalam mengembangkan ide-ide baru, RHARHA karakter croissant yang selalu tersenyum, KEBFLY karakter kebab yang yang memiliki kepribadian bold, WIP karakter nasi goreng nanas seafood yang moody dan SHUSTER dengan beragam karakter sushi yang modern dan urban layaknya rangkaian event yang selalu dihadirkan oleh Kuningan City.


Kuningan City tidak saja menghadirkan IGOR & FRIENDS di program Kulinary & Kouture melainkan memberikan program dan event menarik selama periode 6 Oktober - 5 November 2017.


Tidak hanya dekorasi saja yang bertema tentang makanan & ilustrasi seni kaum urban, para customer Kuningan City tentunya juga disuguhkan dengan berbagai macam promo menarik oleh tenant Food & Beverage. Di antaranya  special breakfast promo  dengan penawaran mulai 50 ribu rupiah dan Lunch Treats dengan berbagai penawaran menarik. Untuk para pelanggan Kuningan City K Passport jangan lewatkan program khusus yang diberikan oleh Kuningan City yaitu:



Stamp Rewards adalah program pengumpulan stamp untuk setiap transaksi Rp. 50.000,- untuk tenant Food & Beverage. Pelanggan yang memiliki K Passport Kuningan City  dapat mengumpulkan stamp untuk ditukarkan dengan voucher tiket nonton XXI dan voucher dari tenant Projextore.



Top Spender adalah program berhadiah berupa Luxury Branded Shoes For Men, Luxury Branded Bag For Women, K-gift Voucher Rp 5.000.000 (minimal  total transaksi Rp. 10.000.000) untuk pengumpulan transaksi tertinggi dengan berbelanja di Kuningan City minimal Rp. 200.000, bagi pengguna K Passport


DATE 25 IDR (Setiap Tanggal 25)

Nikmati menu spesial dengan penawaran harga hanya Rp. 25.000,- untuk tenant Food & Beverage Kuningan City di tanggal 25 Oktober 2017 bagi member  K Passport


K PASSPORT "PAYDAY" (Setiap Tanggal 25 - 30)

Nikmati PAYDAY Promo dengan 50% cashback dengan minimal pembelanjaan Rp. 200.000,- selama periode 25 - 30 Oktober 2017 dan dapatkan hadiah menarik dari Kuningan City bagi pengguna K Passport.


K Passport “POIN FIESTA” (Okt - Nov 2017)

K Passport POIN Fiesta adalah program penukaran poin member K Passport dengan penukaran 1 poin senilai Rp. 50.000,- berlaku kelipatan. Para pemegang member K Passport dapat menukarkan poin dengan hadiah menarik dari Kuningan City yaitu, Free Parking, 100 K gift Voucher, Happup KTV Voucher and K All F&B Voucher


Selain perayaan Festival Food & Beverages, Kuningan City juga menyuguhkan berbagai event dan hiburan menarik lainnya yang tentunya mendukung gaya hidup kaum urban Jakarta yaitu :



Menyambut Hari Batik Nasional, di bulan Oktober Kuningan City dan Komunitas Mercedes Benz Indonesia menyelenggarakan BATIK DAY WITH MERCEDES BENZ. Dalam event yang berlangsung selama 3 hari ini menghadirkan exhibition dan showcase mobil Mercedes Benz dengan corak BATIK dan talkshow dan dihadiri oleh public figure ternama. Dalam acara Batik Day ini, Kuningan City dan Komunitas Mercedes Benz juga mengadakan gathering dan charity untuk program Corporate Social Responsibility.



Menyambut Hari Kesehatan Mental Indonesia, Kuningan City bekerjasama dengan SehatMental.id menyelenggarakan talk show seputar kesehatan mental bagi pelanggan setia. Untuk event Mental Health Festival pada tanggal 14 oktober 2017 mengambil tema urban social media yaitu bekerja sama dengan masyarakat dengan wadah social media untuk meningkatkan pengetahuan masalah kesehatan mental. Pelanggan juga dapat memeriksa dan berkonsultasi seputar masalah kesehatan mental. Dimeriahkan artis dan penyanyi Indonesia, para pelanggan juga dapat berdonasi untuk para penderita kesehatan mental di Indonesia melalui program Corporate Social Responsibility.


LOCAL STARTUP FEST (18 - 19 Okt 2017)

LocalStartupFest adalah festival dimana penggemar startup mendapatkan wawasan terbaru dari ahli startup dan menemukan teknologi terbaru daripara ahli. Penemuan tak terduga terjadi saat beragam topik dan orang berkumpul. Menghadirkan para speaker dan ahli startup Indonesia, Event LocalStartupFest ini diselenggarakan selama 2 hari pada tanggal 18 - 19 Oktober 2017.


JAKARTA MARATHON (26 - 28 Okt 2017)

Kuningan City dan Jakarta Marathon berkolaborasi dalam event lari terbesar di Jakarta ini. Pelanggan Kuningan City dapat mengambil race pack dan berpartisipasi dalam event lari ini. Pengambilan race pack dilakukan di Kuningan City pada tanggal 26 - 28 Oktober 2017.


YOUNG ON TOP (4 Nov 2017)

Young On Top adalah acara kumpul bersama yang diadakan oleh Komunitas Young On Top. Acara ini berisi tentang sharing value, ilmu dan pengalaman, baik dengan narasumber atau peserta dengan tema seru dan inspiring untuk anak muda dan kaum urban Jakarta


Tentang Kuningan City Mall

Sebuah mall berkonsep urban lifestyle playground yang mengedepankan visi menjadi wadah bagi para komunitas, pecinta fashion, pecinta seni dan pecinta kuliner. Follow Instagram Kuningan City di @kuningan_city untuk info seputar fashion, food dan lifestyle. Kuningan City Your Urban Playground.


Untuk informasi lebih lanjut silahkan menghubungi: 

Ryan Idriansyah (PR Supervisor) HP : 0812-8978-9992E: ray@kuningancity.com

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