Established in the early 2009. Monstore is a clothing line focusing on art or as we call it, wearable art. 

We produce high quality apparel and goods that doesn’t just stop at looking good, but go a step further by having a story behind each and every one of our designs. A story that relates to us as humans. What we feel. What we do. And everything else that makes us what we are today.

Vision & Mission
As a brand that focuses on art and its originality, we have a vision to raise the awareness and the appreciation of our local society towards the art world. We want to support emerging artists, both local and international artists, to gain recognition by becoming a media for them to express their creative talents.
Monstore is a product of our own reflection. An image of human behavior, Monstore’s artworks are creative manifestations of human life, telling their stories about their problems, their feelings and the simple struggle of going through the motion of the daily life.

What are we?
What we are is nothing more than flesh and blood, 
overdosed with egoistic needs and surreal thoughts.
What we are is nothing more than a cradle of emotions.
The things that makes us what we are is no mystery.
Because we are what you are.
We are the comedy behind every laughter.
We are the terror behind every self-destruction.
We are the romance behind every kiss.
We are nothing else but you.
We are what you are.
We are human.
We are Monstore.




Photos by MONSTORE