We’ve finally reached 1! We’re one year old now and God how time flies by so fast. Can’t believe how far we’ve gone in a year, like we started with 30 brands joining our site and now we have more than 70 rising local brands joining LocalBrand.co.id. Not only that our service quality has also improved, we now have Cash On Delivery (COD) service and we also have 7 days return policy. With new and more sleek layout, our web is now also packed with new features such as “The Look” and of course “Daily” contents to keep you guys updated with the local fashion scene.

So to celebrate our 1st Anniversary we decided to throw a shindig at Poste, Mega Kuningan last Saturday and it went swell! It’s a brunch like event, and begins with a welcoming speech by our very own CEO, Sayed Muhammad and surprise surprise, he also did an announcement about the printed version of LocalBrand.co.id 12th Issue e-magz (you can read the online version here ). Not only that, there’s also a launching of a new  product from Local.co.id which is LocalTalent.co.id, it is an online creative talent management that has a purpose to meet the local talents with the bookers of the creative industry. Not long after those announcement, there’s a premier of LocalBrand.co.id video then it gets feistier when it continues with a fashion show of the latest collection of LocalBrand.co.id, with 15 models participating they walked the humble runway that we’ve prepared, in a fashionable attires from our collection. We also had some computers displayed at the venue for the attendees to shop at our online store.

Guess that’s it for our 1st Anniversary, thank you so much for those who has supported LocalBrand.co.id through out the year. Keep supporting the locals, peeps!