In this semi outdoor gourmet burger restaurant our crew had a change to chit chat with this breakthrough soul and RnB singer while he’s enjoying his hot crispy Honky-tonk burger.

What is your current activity?

My album is finally released a couple months ago, so I spent my most time promoting my album on-air and couples live performance

  Is there any big plan you want to achieve this year?

I want to make solo showcase this year, finger crossed, hope this will happened soon!

  How do you feel to be nominated as best male singer of the year in Indonesia Choice Award?

My album is still new release and suddenly I’m nominated its like a big face slap on my face! It means that I have responsible to create good stuff and to step up my skill

How big social media role in your life?

Before decide to have solo career I was a vocalist in a band. I just really love to sing, that’s why I did cover some song then I uploaded it to soundcloud and out of expectation I received a lot of respond and gain huge number of followers, it already a way to promote my self, I mean thanks god we live in internet era.

Who is your biggest idol?

Maxwell and Musiq Soulchild. 

What song that relate to your life?

Maxwell – Pretty wings, oh man, it’s describe my love life a lot back then

What do you think about Indonesian music industry condition right now?

Right now, many musicians and singers release more easy listening album and dare to mix it with various genres, it received positive feedback from local market and people getting familiar with it, so it is a good thing.

Are there any differences with your outfit during performance and your everyday style?

When I’m on stage I tend to wear suit and tie or sometimes blazer and jeans. But my daily outfit is simple-street style like sneakers, short or jogger pants, and T-shirt as long it cool and comfortable.

What is your must wear fashion items?

I can’t leave my house without my watches, like seriously, I forgot to bring it once and came back to my house only for my lovely watches.

 Is there any fashion trends that you’ve follow back then but when you think it again you kind of regret it?

Hip-hop bling-bling chain necklace, I was a big fan of Nelly back then, I’m still thinking why the heck I wear that and proud wearing that, sigh.

What is your favorite pick up line?

“Are you free tonight?” simple and effective :)

If you could choose any uniform in the world what would you choose?

Green Hornet’s Kato Uniform!

How would you describe your self?

I speak sarcasm :p



What is the most overrated trend?

I love martabak so much especially choco-cheese, but I don’t know why people really hyped with martabak with overly fusion flavor, like they add marshmallow and stuff, I mean why? Isn’t it just too sweet?

What is your favorite comfort food?

I’m a big fan of Nasi gila. Cheap, huge portion, and super yummy, I mean almost all Nasi gila that I tasted is never disappoint me and I never get bored with this special one.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

I secretly like 2AM-I wonder if you hurt me.

If you were born to be an animal what you will pick and why?

Hyena, because everyone is scared of it  


Have you ever been to three buns?

Yeah, a couple time.

What do you think about this place?

I love this place, the interior is semi-duplex which so cool and unique I never seen restaurant with this interior, the vibe here is so chill

 So, what are you having for today lunch?

Honky-Tonk burger and four floors with fresh mojito

 What do you think about the burgers?

Well is a real deal dish, they really serious made this burger. The four floors patty is grilled so I can taste juicy and tenderness of this beef. And I love the combination of crispy chicken and unique chewy buns of Honky-tonk burger. The mojito is so fresh I can taste this strong lime. Love it!!

What is your favorite burger?

Its so hard to choose, but Honky-Tonk is my favorite!




Editor Dwimayu Budinastiti

Photograph by Krishna Pradana

Interviewed by Ivandra Wafiathaya

Photo Location  Three Buns