Have you ever felt so fashionly intimidated after seeing designer’s collections after collections from fashion week? Seeing many supermodels rocking such unique and fashionable outfits from many luxury designers. You must think on the back of your mind “Look at all those supermodels, they look incredible stunning in that outfit. How I wish I could pull it off”. Well, you’re in for a good treat. Because today I’m gonna show you how to steal those incredible looks that supermodel wore on fashion week.


Pernah gak sih kamu merasa terintimidasi (fashionly) saat melihat koleksi – koleksi para designer di fashion week? Melihat banyak super model memakai pakaian – pakaian unik dari designer – designer ternama. Pasti kamu langsung berfikir di dalam hati “lihat deh model – model itu, mereka keren banget pakai baju – baju itu. Bisa gak ya aku pakai baju seperti itu?”. Nah, pas banget kamu baca artikel hari. Hari ini aku bakal nunjukin ke kalian semua bagaimana cara mencontek style yang ada di fashion week.


Comme des Garcons Fall 2017



Let’s talk about Comme des Garcons. When i hear about this brand my mind have always instantly reminded by the love logo with two quirky eyes. Despite the cuteness and casualness of Comme des Garcons shirts line that has been pretty much everybody’s favorite for this past years, this year’s CDG Fall collection is quite frankly the opposite. It reminds me a lot of kids in the Victorian era. With the overall, and the quirky and boyist feel all around the collection.


Kalau ngomongin Comme des Garcons pasti langsung teringat sama logo love dengan mata – mata kecil yang bikin gemes itu. Walaupun line baju – baju CDG yang terkenal itu kelihatan lucu – lucu dan kasual, koleksi Fall CDG kali ini justru kebalikan nya. Koleksi Fall tahun ini agak mirip dengan cara berpakaian anak – anak kecil di zaman Victoria. Dengan overall dan kesan – kesan tomboy yang unik.


Thick Strap Jumpsuit by Narel


If this year’s CDG Fall collection is your cup of tea. You could definitely steal their style for so much less price with this thick strap jumpsuit by Narel. You could dress it down with a pair of boots and casual jacket. Or dress it up and make it for feminine with a pair of strappy heels and dainty accessories.


Kalau koleksi Fall CDG tahun ini menarik perhatian kamu. Kamu bisa dengan mudah mencontek style ini dengan harga yang pastinya jauh lebih murah. Kamu bisa pilih thick strap jumpsuit dari Narel ini. Kalau mau dipakai sehari – hari bisa dipadukan dengan boots dan jaket yang casual. Atau kalau mau dibuat lebih feminim untuk acara – acara, bisa juga dipadukan dengan heels dan aksesoris seperti kalung dan gelang atau anting.


Tucker Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear


Still from Fall 2017, we have Tucker’s Fall 2017 Collection. Gaby Basora, a designer who designs her collection around those women who inspire her. And this year’s Fall collection is no different. Tucker Fall 2017 Collection is inspired by a friend of her, Virginia Thoren. A successful photographer who shot Yves Saint Laurent’s first collection with Dior. Virginia Thoren loves leopard print, silk blouses and cropped trouser. Hands why leopard print, silk blouses and trousers are all over this collection.


Masih di koleksi – koleksi Fall 2017, ada koleksi Fall 2017 dari Tucker. Gaby Basora adalah perancang busana yang biasa men design koleksi – koleksinya berdasarkan wanita – wanita yang menginspirasi dia. Koleksi Fall tahun ini terinspirasi dari teman baik Gaby Basora yaitu, Virgina Thoren. Fotografer sukses yang memotret koleksi pertama Yves Saint Laurent dengan Dior. Virginia Thoren sangat menyukai motif leopard, blus satin dan juga celana – celana bahan. Itu mengapa banyak motif leopard, blus satin dan celana bahan di koleksi ini.



Now let’s recreate this preppy look from Tucker Fall collection. You could wear this look to work or other occasions that require smart outfit. If you feel like this look is too preppy for you, you could always ditch the outer, making it more casual for day to day wear.


Sekarang yuk kita contek salah satu look dari Koleksi Fall Tucker. Kamu bisa memakai look ini untuk kerja atau acara – acara lain nya. Kalau kamu merasa look ini terlalu rapih untuk kamu, kamu bisa meninggalkan blazer nya sehingga menjadi lebih casual untuk dipakai sehari – hari.


V Neck Sleeveless in White by Narel


Annora Pants in Brown by Linean


Fute Candice Brown Outer by Fute Outer


Lem Lem Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear


Lem Lem is popular for their resort wear collection. Looking at their previous pieces always made me want to have a beach vacation right away. Which is not healthy, since i’m not always that fortunate to have a beach vacay every months or so. But this Fall, Lem Lem bravely explored new territory. They brought out more knitwear and winter clothes to the surface, while still giving beachy feel on their pieces here and there.


Lem Lem terkenal dengan koleksi pakaian ala resortnya. Kalau melihat koleksi – koleksi mereka sebelum nya pasti jadi ingin liburan ke pantai.  Tapi di koleksi Fall tahun ini, Lem Lem berani keluar dari pakaian – pakaian resortnya. Mereka mengeluarkan banyak knitwear dan juga pakaian – pakaian musim dingin lainnya.



Flowy dresses usually are only appropriate as a summer dress. But when it’s full length and when pairs with a knit sweatshirt you could definitely rock flowy dress on cold days.


You could easily achieve this look for less with this Kenna Top Print in Yellow by Komma. When you wear it alone it could easily be the perfect top for hot days on the beach.


Baju – baju terusan dengan bahan ringan biasanya lebih cocok dipakai saat musim panas. Tapi baju terusan ringan yang panjang bisa dipadukan dengan sweater agar bisa dipakai saat cuaca mulai dingin.


Kamu bisa memperoleh look seperti diatas dengan Kenna Top Print in Yellow dari Komma. Kalau dipakai sendiri atasan ini bisa dipakai untuk pergi liburan ke pantai.


Keena Top Print in Yellow by Komma


When you don’t feel like showing much skin, you could combine Keena Top with this S Tee Stripe for Noslab. Or with your favorite knitwear in colder days.


Kalau kamu ingin tampil lebih tertutup kami bisa memadukan Keena Top tadi dengan S Tee Stripe dari Noslab. Atau dengan sweater kesukaanmu di musim hujan yang dingin.


S Tee Stripe by Noslab


Pictures from Vogue.com



Written by: Feybien Ramayanti