Who would love a wooden spiral staircase more than an Instagram feed?


It begins with a glimpse of thought shimmering two college best friend that worked together at Management Consulting Company in Singapore; “How good it will be to have a coffee shop in an Office Building?” The provocative idea of running away from piles of paper-works and refilling caffeine dose to the blood stream for some split second wont be that bad.


Nala means feeling and feeling is exactly what they used to set up this particular coffee shop. Without prior experience in F&B, these two friends set out with what they know is important in an office environment. Being newbie at this business doesn’t faze them at all as they may have gotten the recipe for location perfectly.


Located in AD Premier Office Building at Jl. TB Simatupang No. 1 South Jakarta. The first boutique office designed by Andra Matin, using the elements of white and wood, Nala interior delicacy of compact mezzanine. With the help of Aldo Felix Design Consultancy, Nala Coffee-shop successfully pulling off the insta-worthy corners, keeping customer coming back for more.


As word travels like a spaceship, rumor has it Nala Blends is specially crafted for Nala Coffee. Consumer can enjoy a balanced espresso, smooth piccolo or sweet cappuccino on their leisure time. 

Piccolo Coffee (30K)

left to right: Cafe Latte (32K) & Granola + Milk (38K)

Ngopi enak di daerah Cilandak, yuk!


Berawal dari ide dua orang sahabat yang mau membangun coffee shop di dalam gedung perkantoran. Pengalaman mereka bekerja di Management Consulting Company di Singapore, membuat mereka sadar betap penting nya asupan kafein saat sedang bekerja. 

Berlokasi di Gedung AD Premier, Jl. TB Simatupang No. 1 Jakarta Selatan, membuat café kecil ini sangat strategis. Tata design ruangan yang unik membuat café ini sangat nyaman untuk tempat bersantai. Perpaduan warna putih dan unsur kayu membuat pencinta fotografi betah duduk lama di coffee shop ini.

Yang membuat Nala berbeda adalah  kopi yang mereka sajikan memiliki karakter yang cukup kuat. House blend yang di miliki café kecil ini sangat beraneka ragam; espresso, piccolo dan cappuccino. Salah satu menu unik Nala adalah homemade granula yang di sajikan bersama susu putih dan kopi. Tiga hal yang  bisa menjadi sahabat sejati sarapan kamu!

Walaupun tidak memiliki pengalaman dalam bisnis F&B, kedua sahabat yang telah mengenal satu sama lain dari kuliah ini tetap mengikuti intuisi mereka untuk membangun bisnis kopi di Jakarta Selatan.


Nala Coffee

AD Premier Building

Jl TB Simatupang No. 1 South Jakarta

Phone: +62 878 8118 2323



Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 8AM – 6PM

Sat: 9AM – 4PM

Closed on Sunday


Instagram: @nalacoffee



  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Seating Available
  • Air Conditioned
  • Wifi
  • Limited Parking Space